Monday, 2 April 2012

Autumn/Winter Mini Catalogue is now available

I hope you had fun on the blog hop yesterday and now have lots of new ideas.

If you would like your free copy of the Autumn/Winter mini catalogue, please email or call me for your copy.

Here is a link to download a PDF version:  Autumn/Winter Mini Catalogue

There are some lovely ideas within the catalogue, and to see what supplies are used in the projects, you can download a list here:  Mini Catalogue Supplies

Finally, some of the products from the previous Summer Mini Catalogue have been carried over.  You can see which products have been carried over here:  Summer Mini Carryover Flyer

Happy Stamping,


  1. Louise Dahlgren5 April 2012 at 00:58

    Is there a way to download instructions to your projects without handwriting everythin? Thank you, Louise

  2. Hi Louise, which projects are you interested in? What I do when I see a project with instructions on someone else's blog is to copy and paste the text and pictures into a Word document. Tina


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