Sunday, 12 August 2012

Useful Tools for making Paper Flowers

Here are some useful tools for making paper flowers:
  • Piercing mat and piercing tool - a foam mouse mat will work just as well, but make sure that it's one of the thicker ones.
  • Wooden skewer - for rolling petals
  • Embossing stylus - mine is from my Stampin Up Simply Scored scoreboard - for shaping small petals and for creating veins on leaves
  • Ball tools - (blue) these are from my local cake decorating shop and cost about $5 or $6 each - for shaping petals of different sizes
  • Mellon baller! - yes, I tried using this before I got my ball tools, and it will do if you can't get your hands on the ball tools.
  • Tweezers - for holding tiny pieces while gluing.
  • Bone folder (not shown) - also for breaking the fibres of cardstock and shaping petals.
Over the next several posts I will be showing some closer shots of the flowers I've been making, and listing the supplies used to make them. 

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